Social Enterprise Hub

Following the funding award from Scottish Land Fund to purchase the old petrol site, ownership transferred to community trust on March 1st.  Planning permissions and demolition consents have now been granted to undertake the reinstatement of the new unmanned fuel pumps on the forecourt.

Heras fencing erected to secure the site; fly tipping and trespass is a concern, particularly given the state of the derelict building.  PLEASE KEEP OFF.

What to do with the rear has been a discussion point for months with many asking what the plans were.  From your feedback the Trust has designed a new community space to develop the plot.   The design is a mix of small retail units, visitor information point, large community room with storage capacity and a set of meeting rooms/small office space which will have all mod cons to plug in to!  In addition to the unmanned fuel pumps the site will also host an Electric Vehicle Charging point so passing traffic can stay a while to charge up instead of passing us by!

We have called this concept the Newcastleton Social Enterprise Hub.  The plans will change as we gather comments and seek your views, the only thing set in tablets of stone is the forecourt!  All the spaces are designed to engage the community, encourage enterprise, offer new services, and encourage new business.

This is a golden opportunity to remove a derelict site which has become an eyesore creating a bad impression to visitors and budding entrepreneurs.  This development will enhance the ‘high street’ encouraging new services and amenities.  It will offer more reasons for the community, and those living in the wider hinterland, to spend money on our doorstep protecting what we have and giving employment opportunities locally.

There is great enthusiasm about the development plans, all so far who have seen them are keen to see it happen, we now need to hear all your views and feedback.  The plans are on display in Buccleuch House, please pop in to look at them and leave a comment.

If you are interested in chatting about starting a small enterprise, need to move your business out of the garden shed or spare bedroom then please get in touch.

If you are a frustrated potter, crafter, designer, painter in need of a space to call home then get in touch.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to create something which meets our needs, enhances our community hub and provides opportunity for job creation.  It will put a beating heart back in No.40 North Hermitage Street. We wait to hear your views.