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Funding to demolish and build the unmanned forecourt is now secured. Paperwork is taking time to conclude but once this is formalised tenders will be issued and the work will commence.

The Trust  will create our first community trading company called NEWCASTLETON TRADING CIC.  Its first function will be to operate the site and manage the volunteers who will be needed to help support this venture.  A part time job is budgeted to support this role.  We hope to create more job opportunities as further opportunities are developed.


90% of all households have a car.  

Asked if price would influence how much fuel you might buy at the village pumps; 33% of you said the price would influence your purchase,  but over two thirds (67%) of you said said price would make no difference citing no need to travel, convenience, and saving time & money as the real benefit.

 85% of you pay for fuel by card so automated pumps should prove no barrier to purchasing locally.

It costs local businesses over £650 pr wk in monetary terms to travel to buy fuel, that is over £34,000 annually.  Looked at another way………. Enough money to employ 2 full time and 1 part time person to train as apprentices in the community.


Langholm a trip of 20 miles, 60 mins travel time, fuel expended £2.70 if bought in Langholm or £2.82 if bought in village. Premium of 12p and a saving of 60 minutes.

Kielder trip of 30 miles and 60 mins travel time.  Fuel expended £4.26 bought in Kielder or £4.00 bought in the village.  A saving of 26p and 60 minutes.

Longtown trip of 32 miles and 60 mins travel time.  Fuel expended £4.40 bought in Longtown or £4.44 bought in the village.  A saving of 4p and 60 minutes.

Hawick a trip of 41 miles and 90 minutes travel time.  Fuel expended £5.26 bought in Hawick or £5.62 bought in the village.  Premium of 36p and a saving of 90 minutes.

Carlisle a trip of 45 miles, and 90 minutes travel time.  Fuel expended £6.44 bought in Carlisle or £6.80 in the village.  A premium of 36p and a saving of 90 minutes.

Costs are based on a journey from Douglas Square to get fuel reported by at each location and compared to the price if bought locally.  Calculations are based on using AA extra-urban mileage definition; AA description of Extra-urban is Extra-urban cycle mixes acceleration, deceleration, steady speed and idling. The car briefly reaches a maximum speed of 75mph and covers a total of 4.3 miles at an average of 39mph.