Newcastleton & District Community Trust

This web site has been created to keep in touch with our members. Newcastleton is a village hub serving a population of over 900 from 650 households across 1200 square miles.  Keeping you all in touch with what is happening is our priority. If you would like to join us please just click the button, the more of you that join the louder our voice.

Petrol Pumps

The build continues apace!  Old tanks out, the hole dug and pumped out, foundations pumped in, new tanks placed and then the inceptor placed likewise.   All the major noisy events completed (we hope).  Many thanks to our neighbours for their support and patience. Onwards and upwards…. founds for the superstructure and pipeworks next!  More frequent info will be found on

check this out for updates on progress.


PETROL PUMPS: the upgrade has commenced with the demolition of the old derelict site on September 26th.  There was a large turnout to see the building returned to rubble – the primary school particularly enjoyed the digger and its power!   Here is some of the press and TV coverage that our project has received so far; ITV   The Border Telegraph,  and ITV Border and the

BBC   We are expecting more stories to appear over the coming days, watch out for the articles.

Before the crash Photo Phil Wilkinson,

The next phase of the work will commence in the Autumn, updates will be issued when the timetable is more established.

The Trust will create our first community trading company called NEWCASTLETON TRADING CIC.  Its first function will be to operate the site and manage the volunteers who will be needed to help support this venture.  The Trust will be recruiting for a forecourt manager, a part-time post for 10 hours per week who will work with the Directors and the volunteers to manage the site. This will be advertised in due course, if you would like to be considered for the post or to register interest please contact the Trust and a job application will be provided when available. We hope to create more job opportunities as further opportunities are developed.


90% of all households have a car.  

Asked if price would influence how much fuel you might buy at the village pumps; 33% of you said the price would influence your purchase,  but over two thirds (67%) of you said said price would make no difference citing no need to travel, convenience, and saving time & money as the real benefit.

 85% of you pay for fuel by card so automated pumps should prove no barrier to purchasing locally.

It costs local businesses over £650 pr wk in monetary terms to travel to buy fuel, that is over £34,000 annually.  Looked at another way………. Enough money to employ 2 full time and 1 part time person to train as apprentices in the community.

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Borders Community Broadband enters hibernation stage…

Newcastleton & District Community Trust, along with many other rural community groups, has been a member of Borders Community Broadband.  The following note was issued by their board on 16th October to update its members and followers of progress.  NDCT report it in full as it explains where the project has got too and what the next steps are:

At a meeting of the Borders Community Broadband (BCB) Project Board on 28th August 2017 it was agreed unanimously that the CBS / BCB Project should not progress any further, as the risks to successful project delivery using the Community Broadband Scotland (CBS) contract model had become much too high. Instead, the Board agreed in principle to opt-in to the national “R100” delivery programme, subject to some additional checks to make sure this was the right approach.

This change was driven by external events (explained later in this note) which impact all CBS projects. Although not yet confirmed, the BCB Board anticipate that most if not all remaining CBS projects (of which BCB is the largest) will choose to opt-out of the CBS model and in most cases opt-in to R100 instead.

R100 is likely to deliver a very similar outcome in the same timeframe planned by BCB, but does not require local community companies to be set up to deliver and run the resulting telecommunications infrastructure. Under R100 any project or contract risk will be carried by the Scottish Government – not a local community company.

Based on the best information available, we understand that three R100 contracts will be let by the end of 2017: for southern, central and northern Scotland. The total value of these contracts is believed to be of the order of £400M, with the contract for the South of Scotland likely to include about 20,000 properties – including those in the BCB project area.



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Buccleuch House

Buccleuch House 1

Newcastleton & District Community Trust has now been formally awarded custodianship of Buccleuch House and will manage it in exactly the same way as the old Trustees, indeed the old Trustees sit on the NDCT board to ensure that this happens!

Budgets remain very tight but we hope to give it a face lift over the coming months so that its interior and exterior is brighter and more welcoming.